Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

Affiliate marketing has become a major source of online income. You may be already making some money online, but consider other programs that can also work well for your business. Numerous possibilities, which ultimately create passive income streams, are waiting for you.

Here we present 10 best affiliate networks you should check out to expand your site’s potential. You should always consider what is your goal and what matters most to you, because each of the networks has attractive features that can lead you to your priorities.

Top Affiliate Marketing Networks

Amazon Associates

Amazon Affiliate program, is an easy way to monetize your blog or website. After receiving immediate approval you should place amazon affiliate links on your site. Further, when someone purchases from one of your links, you get the commission – 10% referral fees. You can advertise products from by creating product reviews, guides etc.

There are a lot of possibilities: starting your own business, being an inspiring entrepreneur, or just looking for a small business chance. Make sure you are providing your audience with quality content and share relevant affiliate links.


One of the largest affiliate networks is Shareasale which exists for 19 years. This platform has got about 4,000 merchants listed. More than 1000 are exclusive to them. A large amount of data is published by Shareasale on each of the offers they are running. Some of them are: Earning by click, Average sale amount, Average Commission and Reversal rates.

One of the most significant advantages of Shareasale is large partner network, secondly easy comparing offers and quick payment cycle. On the other hand you have nobody to speak of.  Overall Shareasale encourages people to browse around their website.


One of the oldest affiliate networks is Rakuten. It was founded in 1996 and has got some real industry backing it. Since 2016 they have facilitated over 100 million orders. Their list of brands is shorter than others (and the most popular are Best Buy, Lacoste, Wal-Mart and Macy’s)but they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

There are few features which make Rakuten different than other sites. For example, they can rotate through the various banners automatically for a product which is your goal. It tries to optimize your offers and allows multiple versions to rotate with a small piece of code.

Rakuten payments are sporadic and of the solid option. It offers Direct deposit, check, and PayPal.

eBay Partner Network

Adding eBay’s affiliate program into the mix should be easy if you are already familiar with Amazon affiliate network platform. There are over 1.1 billion listings on eBay, which represents a wide array of options to choose from and a huge potential to make money.

The percentage commission in comparison to other programs is smaller, and eBay’s payment structure can be deterrent. Overall, partners are paid monthly. If you are passionate about something you can simply link an item or share your finds through social media. You will earn money if what you share sells.


ClickBank has been around since the beginning of the internet. It is the „OG” of the affiliate marketing. Back in 2012 ClickBank has faced with low-quality products that verged to spam. Eventually, it created a much better dashboard and has revamped its review process.

There are numerous reasons for ClickBank as a strong contender even though it tends to deal with digital products whose quality can be questionable, particularly marketing type courses. Nowadays its offer includes both digital and physical goods, regarding to their focus which tends to be more on niche ebooks, online courses and e-courses.

You are allowed to join free, and the approval process is automatic with a ton of information. There are, almost, no barriers.

Flex Offers

It is another huge affiliate marketing network. You are paid a lot faster by Flex Offers comparing to others in the industry. The network has 10 years of experience and doesn’t provide any revolutionary or groundbreaking offers. On the other hand, they have got a solid array of tools and helpful features.

There are over thousands of affiliate programs to promote, various content delivery formats to choose, etc. Small, medium and large budget advertisers are connected via Flex Offers to bloggers, content creators and other types of publishers. Users can choose from tens of thousands of different affiliate programs.

The programs are divided into dozens of broad and hundreds of sub-categories. All of this makes the publisher’s life easier. Flex Offers gives you your Affiliate Manager to help you throughout your efforts. The only big disadvantage is PayPal as the only payment option for internationally-based people.

CJ Affiliate by Conversant

The biggest online platform is CJ Affiliate. There are over three thousand advertising partners, reliable payment and powerful reporting options. It is impossible to come across it if you work in an affiliate marketing space for any amount of time. 

CJ, or formerly Commission Junction, is the platform where nearly every major retailer has their affiliate programs. Most of them have multiple ad sizes available for affiliates. This is important because this way you have better control of the offers which are shown on your blog. According to this it is very easy to segment and compares different offers.

Besides, finding the affiliate tracking code is an advantage. There is a possibility of two payment options, by direct deposit or checks in the mail.


Nowadays, Avantage is known as 2Checkout. This change has created a lot of confusion for many merchants. The original name, nowadays, refers to a payment processor, and 2Checkout is the affiliate program which uses Avantage to process all of its payouts. 2Checkout is mainly focused on selling software and other digital goods.

There are no physical products for sale, but we are talking about the market leader in selling software of every type. In this case, we are considering 22,000 different software products made by companies such as BitDefender, Kaspersky, and Hewlett-Packard.

The affiliate program works especially in digital products such as Saas, e-commerce, and software and it is directly involved in their solutions. It is important to mention some disadvantages such as limited dashboards, thin reports, and poor customer service at a time.


Avantlink is a network that is all about the data, customization, and the best way of understanding the relationship between the product you promote and making adjustments to achieve some business benefits. The network is connected with a hundred od merchant partners so many people can find their opportunity here.

If you choose Avantlink you can be sure that you are focused on your time and effort according to the product-level tools, custom tracking links, and finally, dedicated international affiliate network.


This network is new to the affiliate network game. It started its affiliate network in 2015, even though it has existed in digital marketing since the 90s. They prefer quality to quantity, therefore they have only 15,000 merchants. A paper jam has got fewer options comparing to its competitors.

They choose only to work with brands they love and focus on transparency and communication. A B+ rating is given to them by the Better Business Bureau. Paper jam pays twice a month as long as you neet 25$ balance. You are paid around 1st and 15th of each month via Paypal, check or direct deposit

What You Need to Know About Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are important connections between some entrepreneurs or bloggers with companies which offer affiliate program opportunities for their services or products. These networks provide access to numerous affiliate programs. It may sound complicated, but it isn’t. These affiliate programs help you to monetize your blog by a process called affiliate marketing.

How You Can Earn Money with an Affiliate Program

If you want to earn some money, some passive income, you need to find the best affiliate networks in 2019. There is no mistake when you face a powerful list of 100+ affiliate networks which sound similar. The only thing you have to do is to find the best network for yourself. Most often it comes from a single landing page and it is variable.

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Platform for You

Type of Products

  • Some of the products are focused on gambling and finance industries, household brands,
  • A wide range of products from health to crypto, electronic, fashion stuff, collectibles.

Commission rates

Commission rates depend on merchant/advertiser and type of campaign. Price information is rarely disclosed. In the beginning, when your application to join is approved you can see some price information. The conclusion is that you can hardly meet commission rates and some earning potential if you are not an approved publisher.


The reputation of the network varies, some of the features which are respected are large partner network, reliable payment, powerful reporting options. All of these lead to a highly trusted brand.


There are numerous technics which lead you to successful purchase. One of them is upselling. A seller introduces a customer to buy more goods or more expensive items. It is usually a premium or better version of what’s been bought.


Why you should diversify your affiliate network?

It is important to realize that things change quickly in online business. You have to be flexible if you want to be successful. There are some great ways to expand your potential profit. Diversifying will build in additional revenue streams for your business. It is important to do some research to confirm the potential for profit, legitimacy, etc.

What is the top paying affiliate program?

The program which offers some of the highest commissions available is Spocket Partner Program. You can easily become a Spocket partner and get paid to share the program with your followers and friends. Each customer, subscriber, you bring to Spocket earns money for you. It is the leading, dropshipping market for EU and US products. There is a possibility of earning bonus rewards.

Are there affiliate programs that pay daily?

Some affiliate networks make you wait long periods to pay for your service. According to this daily pays are an advantage. Some of the networks pay daily via PayPal MassPay. Most of them are beginners friendly. This way you are comfortable to use their platform. ClickMagick, CPA Lead and Mobldea provide this post possibility.

What are the highest paying affiliate niches?

There is an incredible number of options to combine your niche and related affiliate programs. Hence, it is a hard decision. The best niche and program depend on you and your interests because there isn’t one single affiliate niche that earns more money than the others.

In health category number one is Diabetes, than Trending diets, Weight Loss. In Wealth and Money category Making money online and Forex are leaders. Finally, in the Romance category: Online dating, Senior Dating, and Marriage Counseling are best paid.


If you are willing to earn some extra money you should find perfect affiliate networks for you. There are great advantages such as: earning some sweet, passive income, working online, improving some features connected with blogging and managing.

A single portal provides you access to numerous affiliate programs. You introduce your customer to a service or product and earn a commission. Find something that you are interested in, then promote it to your friends or followers and enjoy the profit.

People do this every day. Research some distinguishing details of some of the greatest affiliate networks.  There are plenty of programs which might work well for your promotion and business.