diy influencer marketing

DIY Influencer Marketing for 2020

Social media is the new place where you can start your DIY projects. Before you start, you should consider following some DIY influencers. You should follow them for an idea and inspiration. A big brand can start from a personal project. DIY projects can be found on food, fashion, lifestyle, beauty niches, furniture, etc.

There are not many things that drive sales more effectively than this kind of marketing because people buy by others’ referrals. You must be sure that the target audience matches your brand and enjoy the results.

Steps in Creating an Influencer Marketing Strategy

1. Set goals

The best way to start with creating an influencer marketing is to set your overall goals. The goals have to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. You need to think about what do you want to accomplish with your influencer marketing campaign. It is very important to reach a new audience and promote your brand, build awareness with your audience and boost traffic at your site.

2. Select the right influencers

If you know to set your goals, you need to find the right social influencers to help you achieve that goal. There are different types of influencers: bloggers, journalists, micro-influencers, celebrities, etc.  Firstly, you have to check what do they usually talk about and is it relevant for your audience.

Furthermore, it is very important how engaged is an influencer with a massive reach. There is an influencer tool marketing that helps with finding influencers, collaborating with them and measuring the success of their campaign.

3. Choose You Marketing Campain Strategy

There are numerous ways to connect with your influencers. You can follow them online and connect with them on their digital channels. Secondly, you can reach them out directly via email and represent them some of your ideas or goals. Your marketing campaign strategy has to have some targets: more brand awareness, increased sales or improving trust, reputation. Finally, trust their creative freedom and help them set up an Instagram Storefront, promote a giveaway contest

4. Compensate them fairly

It is crucial to remember to provide your influencer with sufficient compensation. They allow you to use their influence, so it is fair enough to compensate them. The compensation model needs to be beneficial for both you and your influencers. If you have some budget limitations you have to carefully plan your budget. You can compensate your influencer according to the number of engagements they drive with their content, or the number of clicks they drive to your loading page, etc.

2020 Influencer Marketing Trends to Look Forward to

Instagram Will Remain as a Leading Platform

The leading trendiest platform for influencer marketing is Instagram. Everybody believes it will continue in 2020. Instagram is definitely on the rise, dedicated to the sharing of a photo, video content, carousel, and stories. Some of the influencers spend time and money to find out how to create content that attracts brands and followers.

There will be more influencers

It is common to buy goods and products through the app and the generation that was born using social media needs more information. Therefore, the number of influencers and users will grow.

Fake Sponsor Content Emergence

Sometimes it happens that fake sponsored content is posted by some rising internet star. A process which leads you from someone who leverages social media to influence others is not easy. After growing your follower base you will want to access some brands.

Companies want to see your past campaign work and your promotional abilities. To make access you sometimes have to fake. Even if you are not getting paid it becomes easy to emulate. Fake adverts became so common that you can never be sure who is sponsored and who is pretending.

Micro-Influencers and Nano-Influencers will be used more

Influencer marketing will have a great need for micro-influencers and nano-influencers. Mega-influencers won’t be so popular. The reason for this lays in a fact that nano-influencers have 100% authentic audience. They have from 1K-9K followers.

Micro-influencers have from 10k-99k followers, they are more expensive than nano-influencers, but this doesn’t mean that they are more effective. The biggest disadvantage of mega-influencers is their high cost and several fake followers and engagement.

There Will be a Disclosed Influencer Sponsorship

The norm for 2020 is going to become the situation in which influencers will caption „#ad” on their sponsored Instagram post. The 21st-century generation isn’t a fan of traditional marketing. They prefer advertisements from influencers on Instagram who they follow and trust. Everyone who sees the posts should see the disclosure. Your advertising or article may have a clear disclosure but there are certain ways how disclosures should be handled.

Brands Will Have Continued Relationships with Influencers

Finding the right influencer might be a big problem. It is crucial for a brand. There are numerous conditions which brand needs to consider: how many followers influencers have, the brands they have worked with, their reputation, etc. After finding the right one an influencer must be willing on continuing a long-term relationship with a brand.

Video Contents Will Increase

The video content on some apps is relatively new, from 2018. It will especially grow in 2020 as well as YouTube, video features on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. According to the fact that smartphones have a faster connection, the content will surely continue to grow. Videos provide more fun to the audience in comparison to photos. This is the main reason why influencers have been more likely to add video into their routine.

Storytelling Will Be More Popular

The most successful way to promote a product is to tell a story during campaigns.  Whenever you promote a product you need to find someone who was saved by the product. Influencers will be able to tell a story which has changed their life. They have to truly believe in the products they are promoting. Eco-friendliness is an advantage.


It is proved that it is possible to start a business almost instantly without some huge investment. Firstly, you have to use social media, appropriate technology, and some inside knowledge. Nowadays websites offer great prices and a great variety of products and services. If you want to save some money or aiming for self-sufficiency, DIY will be a great project for you. You can do it yourself. Even if you do not see it using it in your working area, try! It might be worth finding a compatible influencer and test it! Take a risk and try this relatively new strategy.