3 Biggest Misconceptions About Influencer Marketing

The popularity of influencer marketing has opened many questions, which leads to several misconceptions. Influencer marketing has grown from a specific advertising strategy to a foundation stone of the online marketing outlook.

On Instagram, it has developed a billion-dollar industry. Its popularity continues to rise, and worldwide brands continue to see the value in influencer marketing. A survey from 2018. has shown that 86% of respondents used influencer marketing in 2017, and 92% of them found it effective.

Today we’re going to expose 3 common misconceptions about influencer marketing.

Top 3 Influencer Marketing Myths

1. Only famous influencers can succeed

Truth: Influencers are important links in marketing and they have to be paid. It is recommended for the influencer to be transparent with engaging content, to have positive reactions from the audience. According to this we have to understand that creating a personal brand takes time and effort.

2. It is Impossible to Measure the Return on Investment

Truth: One of the biggest misconceptions about The influencer industry is that its Return of Investment (RIO) is impossible to measure. Unlikely, some digital tracking technology marketers can measure the number of downloads, sign-ups, click-throughs, and web traffic. Its digital nature allows measuring. There are agencies which possess certain knowledge needed to use quantitative metrics.

3. Traditional marketing is more Effective

Truth: Firstly, we have to clear up the term ‘traditional’ marketing. Different types of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are new additions to the marketing landscape. They show that we shouldn’t focus only on traditional mails, TV and billboard campaigns, because marketing is rapidly changing. Marketers have to evolve with the times and they must be open towards changes.

Different Types of Influencers

Nano influencer

A relatively new concept of influencer marketing is an area where you have to make sure that your content is natural and authentic. Sometimes you have a lot of followers, but often their number is from a few hundred up to 5,000. They are regular social media users with such an audience. They are not sell-outs, you will be one of the few promoted on their page, they don’t have sponsorship contract, but some free product in exchange for access to the audience.


The term micro-influencer might be new. Their marketing is taking off and being as successful as celebrity influencer campaigns and advertising. People are likely to share and trust honest opinions of people they know, not just rave because they paid.

Micro-influencers, which are considered experts in their respective niche, have between 1,000 and 1,000,000 followers or audience members.  A smaller audience means much more hands-on, personal interaction with their audience, and, finally, they are affordable.

Macro influencer

They are considered to be the key to influencer marketing success. Macro influencers have between 50,000 and 300,000 followers or audience on a particular social media channel, where they promote high-quality content. Their audience is dedicated and has grown organically because they are well known in their local community.

They are more likely to have a broader audience, from different locations and they will be interested in different topics. Finally, macro-influencers require more budget but they are, surely, valuable assets to your brand.

Celebrity influencer

Celebrity influencers have also taken advantage of the platforms which were offered by social media. They always garner a lot of attention, and their followers actively participate in provided social media feeds. Working with celebrity influencers will position your company or brand in front of millions of clients or customers.

Moreover, you should have more control over a campaign and closely monitor the number of views. A potential disadvantage is a fact that it will be much more expensive to work with celebrity influencers.

Tips on How to Make Your Influencer Marketing Campaign Successful

Build Rapport

 A connection or a relationship with someone else which is considered as a state of understanding is called rapport. It often happens naturally. Developing this process with someone else is building rapport. Certain steps can help you to build rapport. You should be genuine, be yourself, always with chilly reactions, give a firm handshake, make eye contact, show some real interest and you are on your way to creating lasting relationships.

Use a social network to reach your audience

Reaching and maintaining an audience is one of the hardest things to do on social media. There are certain ways to do this and certain shortcuts you can explore which don’t include buying followers. A significant boost can be given to you by some celebrities, business leaders or renowned writers.

You should focus on influencers who are an active social network where you have a presence, mention their name in a positive context in your blog, compliment them directly.

Select the right influencer

Having a perfect influencer endorse your company could produce miracle. Firstly, you have to find and follow influencers in your industry. You should like their content, share and comment it, but not too much. If you mention them in your share they might they may link to your content or follow you. Having one article from an influencer will help attract others.


We are realizing how important influencer marketing is now. It is a perfect exchange for traditional advertising which can be inefficient. Influencers deliver a message to a large number of people, they are given a huge level of trust and authority by the audience.

Most marketers borrow influencer’s reach. They find someone with a lot of followers and pay them to advertise a product, share useful, unique, exclusive or early information. A good influencer is curious, their marketing should be authentic and honest because they will speak the good and the bad of your products.

Overall it leverages the reach, credibility, and salesmanship of a community of influencers.