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10 Crucial SEO Tips for 2020

Higher rank and getting free organic traffic are every website owner’s dream. This is feasible only in a situation if you have done perfect SEO for your pages, post, or blog. And it takes time for understanding and seeing the results.

Here we put together 10 Important SEO Trends for 2020, which will boost your website traffic and help your business to grow.

1. Write an Impressive Content

Everybody who takes part in the online industry is aware of the importance of hi-quality content. This gives you a possibility to get a higher ranking. You ought to make user-engaging, high-quality content, but you shouldn’t steal somebody’s work.  It is allowed to copy some strategies, but not to take directly.

People want to discover some valuable information, written understandable, simple, and readable. If you provide it, you will get a higher ranking, as well as more traffic. There are numerous ways to enrich your content, such as adding images, videos, charts, etc. It is recommended to use social share buttons so that users can share any content easily.

2. Know Your Audience

If your audience desires related information, give it to them. Keywords utilization of keywords stuffing won’t bring you good conversation or rankings. Recently, it has been noticed that some messages are purposely delivered to the possible audience. Never try to hinder the mood of your clients.

By adding some exciting video content, you will be able to make your clients stay tuned. And if it contains a storyline of the situation, it can attract more audience.

3. Focus on On-page Optimization

After making a perfect content, you need to think about focusing on on-page optimization. There are two phases, on-page, and off-page. Your primary keyword and LSI keywords should be sprinkled throughout the content. Never forget to add SEO tweaks.

Analysis in the Yoast SEO plugin constitutes crucial aspects of the posts and pages and also gives recommendations based on some SEO rules. In order to increase your readability score, Yoast SEO allows you to add a title, slug, focus keyword, and meta description.

4. Use Structured Data

Structured data markup is key to the fast processing of content. By using structured markup, we are sending signals to engines in order to understand the whole structure.

5. Optimise the Google SERP features and Snippet

It is necessary to optimize some SEO rules for better ranking. If you want to target your business in the local area, Google will allow you to make google listing. This way, you will be able to fill the information about your service. It is possible to get a quality backlink, but it isn’t easy.

The essential idea is to understand the latest Google content trends. Your blogging content or web page has to be readable, simple, and understanding. According to the advanced feature of Google SERP,  the main components of your story must be mentioned in your first 100 written words. Google crawls this firstly.

6. Be aware of the E-A-T

We need to create content which Google wants. In order to rank well, you have to nurture your brand by E-A-T standards. These are building their Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. That’s the way how Google protects itself from low-quality content.

Employees at Google often remind us that their ranking algorithm is an improving process, which helps them recognizing web page quality. Overall, create content which your audience likes, meet, and extend their needs, and finally be ready for the next queries.

7. Spend Money on Technical SEO

Your business won’t develop or flourish if an incorrect audience undertakes it. The interests and tastes of your customers can alter very quickly. Websites will carry on with growing in difficulty. Technical SEO will be the leading investment platform in 2020. Therefore, most of the websites will be JavaScript-driven, and it is important to consider how your site can develop and survive.

8. Try Mobile Indexing

You should try mobile indexing for smooth compatibility. Mobile indexing got streamer where the sites with their mobile editions were conjoined. Top-quality content, compatibility of AMP is obligatory for any website to survive. Also, its primary goal is to take over most rivals. Mobile indexing means that Google dominantly uses a mobile version for ranking and indexing. Most of the users access Google search with a mobile device. Pages with the smartphone going forward are primarily crawled and indexed.

9. Voice search

Voice search is the most recent entry for the 2020 SEO trends. The experience of the user has incarnated as well as artificial intelligence. According to this, you need to optimize your SEO for voice search. It is performed with your voice and a virtual assistant. You can perform searches, buy things online, set reminders to yourself, etc.

Is your SEO optimized for voice search? If your answer is yes, you are on the right track. Unlikely, you are missing about a billion searches monthly.

10. Add Infographic and Videos

It is important to follow the latest google trends, in case you wish to produce top-quality content. Your web page or blogging has to be readable, simple and understandable, as mentioned earlier. Nowadays, people are time-oriented and they usually scan pages to get relevant information.

They expect a quick and visual presentation, an info-graphic or video content, with useful info or data. With that kind of content, it’s easy to atract their attention. Infographics save their time and help them realize what the content is about. Canvas is an excellent site where you can create infographics and images, as well.


The perfect way to apply the best SEO method is to learn yourself, besides hiring an SEO freelancer or SEO agency. If you want your site to be highly positioned, you need to pay attention to the latest trends of Google word, user and audience intent, social media, mobile optimization, and the most recent feature of Google SERP.

Furthermore, give related information, try mobile indexing, think about page loading speed, add some video content, and voice search system.